Hallisky & Davis is a unique law firm whose main goal is to provide excellent legal services at affordable rates. Hallisky & Davis can assist you with most common disputes in Florida, Federal and State, the United States (through our network), European and even International Law. Please check over the areas we practice within. Whatever your problems, give us a call.

Areas of Practice

Business Law

Whether you are a start-up forming an LLC, corporation, non-profit, or any other style of business one thing is certain, you will need an attorney. Too often, business formalities are missed in the rush to make the mountains of cash everybody dreams of making. These initial mistakes can jeopardize your work down the road.

If you co-mingle your assets with that of the business; fail to distribute shares to other owners with the formal requirements; or cannot distinguish between those who have the authority to bind your business and those who do not, you may face massive legal issues down the road and will have very little protection from the business attorney coming after you. Get things done right the first time. Our growing resources of information will be tailored to your individual needs.

If you are already in trouble or being sued, call us today for a consultation.


Networking Opportunities

Are you an attorney outside of the Volusia County area and seek co-counsel opportunities, hearing coverage, or referral exchanges? Since you happened to stumble upon our page and have been looking around, consider taking advantage of a strategic alliance with Hallisky & Davis. Contact us for details.


Landlord-Tenant Law


Tenant not paying rent? Violating the rules in your lease agreement? Destroying your home? Hallisky & Davis understand your position. Our experience in eviction defence allows us to avoid the pitfalls in the eviction process. The land mines in the eviction process in Florida are so numerous that even attorneys step on them from time to time. The truth is, Florida's landlord-tenant statutes are so poorly written that almost every move has a countermove that can derail your case. Losing means the potential for attorney's fees and nobody wants to have a non-paying tenant who costs you their attorneys' fees to boot. Avoid the hassle, complete an intake today and see the difference Hallisky & Davis attorneys bring to your case. Starting at $199 plus costs depending on your situation. We seek orders reimbursing all attorney's fees and costs on request.

Eviction Defense

Landlord keep your security deposit without cause? Were you rented a home that is not up to code? Welcome to the party. For the number of landlords Hallisky & Davis has fought, one could easily estimate that 1/5 of the landlords in Florida renting out their property are abusing their position as the landlord. We have seen it all from massive roach infestations, condemnable code violations, and properties being torched to the ground prevailing against a landlord. Like tenants, landlords can be good or bad. Contact Hallisky & Davis today and put our extensive experience to work defending you from your landlord.

Section 8, PHAs, and other subsidized housing matters

Hallisky & Davis have not scurried away from subsidized landlord-tenant situation, which require modified legal tactics and methodologies to overcome. This extra layer of complication can turn a relatively simple landlord-tenant case into a nightmare, especially when the other side decides to lawyer up. Do not compromise your case, talk to attorneys who are experienced in landlord-tenant matters that include federal, state, and local rent subsidizations.

Family Law

Visitation & Support

Sometimes in the wake of relationships gone south, minor children are born. Except in the most extreme situations, these children deserve to spend time and be supported by both parents. Too often, one (or both) parents believe that they are the sole individual with the credentials to raise any children born from a relationship. Also too often, one (or both) parents believe that they have no responsibility to support the child. If your ex refuses to allow you to have quality time with your child, or fails to provide the support that the child needs, give Hallisky & Davis a call. We happily pursue all litigation in the best interest of the children involved.

Dissolution of Marriage

Hallisky & Davis offers a wide variety of services for those who want out of a relationship that just is not working out. We offer simplified dissolution of marriage packages which are economical and avoids the long, drawn out litigation that too often costs a partnership most of its assets. If you can set your differences aside and work together one last time, Hallisky & Davis is more than happy to assist. When dealing with a spouse who initially does not want to cooperate, Hallisky & Davis will work with you in mediation to try and come to a reasonable compromise, which mitigates costs. If compromise is not possible, we are happy to switch tactics and fight to obtain as fair a result as possible.

Child Kidnapping

One of the most emotionally traumatic events to a parent is the realization that a child has been secreted away by the other parent for parts unknown. At best the child is taken to another state, at worst another country. Hallisky & Davis has experience assisting parents in recovering kidnapped children from the other parent and putting in place court orders preventing the removal of the child a second time. If your child has been removed from your custody without Court order or your consent, contact us as soon as possible. Put Hallisky & Davis to work hunting down the other parent and returning your child or children to safety.




Mortgage Foreclosures

Hallisky & Davis understand that life happens. Sudden layoffs, an unexpected medical crisis, criminal victimization, and more can turn a rather uneventful time into a financial catastrophe. The bank has finally served you with foreclosure paperwork, threatening to make an already terrible situation much worse by rendering you and your family homeless. Now you have to think of hiring an attorney to defend you, but cannot fathom shelling out thousands of dollars all at once. Hallisky & Davis can help you defend your foreclosure case and instead of demanding $3000-$5000 up front can work on placing you on a payment plan.

HOA Assessment Foreclosures

HOAs are annoying on a good day, but when the elected board decides that you are no longer welcome in the neighbourhood, or that you suddenly are not up to "their standards", trouble is on the way. Assessments are commonly abused as a tool to eliminate a parcel or unit owner who is too "troublesome" do keep around. Show them real trouble and get Hallisky & Davis on your side.



Drafting & Reviewing

Contracts are everywhere. When you buy a home, a car, lease an apartment, sign up for telephone services, enroll children martial arts classes, etc. One of the most aggravating aspects of a contract, ironically enough, is reading through it. Legal language nobody except an attorney would understand. Ask for a copy of the contract to take to your lawyer. If the person pushing the contract on you refuses or demands that you sign or lose the deal... lose the deal. Chances are you are being taken advantage of. Call Hallisky & Davis and ask for a contract review or our contract drafting services.