Frequently Asked Questions

I see you do a lot of pro-bono work, how do I get an attorney from your firm to represent me for free.

Pro-bono attorney volunteers (PBAV) rarely take cases pro-bono cases. It is estimated that this firm took anywhere between 1 in 30 and 1 in 40 cases on a pro-bono cases. Further, this firm's pro-bono work is done in partnership with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. (CLSMF), a local legal aid firm. In order to obtain pro-bono services from this firm, the following steps must be accomplished:

1. You must contact CLSMF using one of their contact methods at http://clsmf.org/; we generally only work cases in Volusia County, although we have been specifically targetted for cases in other counties.

2. It is likely you will be required to make an appearance at the legal aid clinic (LAC) usually held on Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm. At the LAC you will be assigned to one of many PBAVs who will perform a case consult based on the facts and evidence you bring to the LAC.

3. If the PBAV assigned to your case happens to be an attorney working for this Firm, AND the attorney's case load is below his or her maximum case load, AND the case presents with facts that the attorney believes he or she can effectively assist; the attorney may decide to take the case and represent you.

How do you charge for your services?

This Firm will represent clients under various contract types. Common variants include: retainers where you provide funds that go into the Firm's trust account and then those funds are charged based on our hourly rate; flat fees where a base fee is charged for complete representation from beginning to end of case; hourly billable where we accumulate work on an hourly basis and then billed, among other arrangements. Our fees are designed to be competitive.

This Firm does not accept cash payments. We accept personal checks, money orders, and credit card payments. The Scope of Representation is limited to single cases (usually denoted by court case numbers). If a related case is filed against you or you elect to file a related case, additional fees may apply.

I have a difficult case that no other attorney wants to take, will you?

This Firm is not shy about jumping into difficult cases under certain conditions. Such cases are evaluated on the facts presented; the relative benefits to the client, the Profession, and the Firm... in that order. If you have a particularly difficult case you want evaluated, call us for an opinion and to find out whether or not this Firm will consider representing you.